Font Constuctor

Font constructor for educational use.

In may 2007, I gave a scripting workshop at the Ecal in Lausanne. During that week, the students and me developed an autoFontGenerator. The script was based on components. They could be connected by some sort of "magnetic points". This brought me to rethink that principle. Initially I started with rewriting these basic ideas of combining elements into one glyph. I ended with a user-friendly interface in which one can draw, copy, paste and manipulate the elements.

Font Constructor is a tool for students to research the basic construction of an alphabet. The application allows them to play with elements constructing their own "typeface". By doing so, they learn that there is a relationship between several shapes in an alphabet and how they refer to each other.

Naturally, Font Constructor is not only ment for students. The application can be used by graphic designers, typedesigners or be anybody who has fun with it.

Font Constructor is sort of documented :).



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There is a possibility that you encounter a bug, so please report it on the Font Constructor group.

If you have any idea to add to the program, you can also post it on the Font Constructor group.

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